Friday, April 6, 2007

Skunk jewelry, anyone?

I always tell by buyers that I will extend or shorten a bracelet according to their needs, at no extra cost. I figure no one should be penalized for their wrist size. And when I alter, I always fill in or re-adjust charms and beads so it doesn't look altered.

I recently sold a skunk-themed bracelet and the buyer asked if I would lengthen it for her, and for how much. I assured her it was no problem and there was no charge. How long a bracelet did she need? 8"? 8-1/2"?

She e-mailed back and said she needed it to be 10 inches long.

I had to shake my head at that, but I figured she just had REALLY big wrists. Maybe she was a sex change. Maybe she was a giantess.

Then I realized I didn't have any more of the chain I'd used for the bracelet, so I re-did the ENTIRE bracelet (which was, at that point, about 50+ hand-wired charms) and sent it off to her.

She then e-mailed me with a picture of herself with her pet skunks and I realized SHE didn't have a 10" wrist. She was using my bracelet on her skunk!

Here's a picture of one of her skunks wearing a boa:
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And here's the bracelet... before it became 10" long:
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